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Sassy Seniors Staying Healthy👍🏽

Today was a very good day. Fran and I are continuing on our visits and she is keeping me updated on the goings on at her community.

We are walking and talking and she stops when she has something juicy to tell " So and so comes to lunch and doesn't brush her hair." "Fran, you said you don't gossip" I exclaimed. "Well I don't, I'm just telling you." "Um, actually you're not, you are not whispering and everyone can hear you, I giggled."

These were our times, her gossiping and me listening. Oftentimes, we sat outside when weather permitted and just enjoyed nature.

At 99 years young, Fran was able to remember her childhood and adult years pretty vividly and I could envision her Italian grandma beating her when she caught her smoking at 13 or her trips down to AC with her Fred.

The other seniors in her complex always asked if they could hire me to do what I did for Fran.

"She's all mine" she would yell at them

"Yup, that's right My Fran, I'm all yours"

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