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Caregiver Stress

Stress from caregiving can affect your own physical health. Stressed-out caregivers aged 66 to 96 have a 63 percent higher risk of dying than that of people the same age who are not caregivers (Family Caregiving Alliance). Baby boomers who are taking care both of parents and children, while working, face an increased risk for depression, chronic illness and a possible decline in quality of life.Caregivers are often so focused on their loved one that they don't realize that their own health and well-being are suffering.

Support groups offer a safe haven to share feelings, make new friends, learn about resources and coping mechanisms, and get advice for handling problems that others have experienced.

You can find the right group through

  • The social work department of hospitals

  • Adult day care centers

  • Voluntary organizations that deal with your care recipient’s condition—for example, Alzheimer’s disease or MS

  • Area Agencies on Aging

  • Your faith community

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