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Impacts of COVID-19 on the Elderly


All around the world, the impacts of the recent pandemic, both immediate and repercussive, cannot be overstated. Deaths, economic downturns and job losses are just a few of the struggles that we as global citizens will have to grapple with in a post COVID-19 world. That being said, there are certain populations who are affected by the pandemic more than others.

Download this resource and learn more about impacts of COVID-19 on the Elderly by Tonya Y. Williams CDP, SRES, ElderCare Coach, Sisters Helping Seniors LLC.

Checklist for ElderCare


Elderly care needs a consistent and sustainable program, adaptable to elderly people. Tonya Y. Williams CDP, SRES an ElderCare Coach and founder at Sisters Helping Seniors LLC, has covered the fundamental elements in elder care in this checklist.

Download these helpful tips.

Helpful Resources for NJ ElderCare Service

Here is a list compilation highlighting where you can find various eldercare services.

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