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SassySeniorsStayingHealthy, Intro to Fran

Today was a very good day. Working with my seniors always gives me happy memories. One of my dear clients wants to get started on a fitness routine and would you believe she is 99 years old? I mean really, what can you tell a 99 year old? She is in good health, walks without much assistance and can do her own personal care. Her daughter shops for her and buys her groceries but beside that, my little lady is doing great.

So we start our day doing some walking and talking and, boy, does she love to talk. She talks about her neighbors, her family and her life back in Brooklyn. I love these stories as she has such vivid memories of growing up with her Italian grandmother and 2 brothers. Her mom died when she was a teen and her father had another family.

She talks about her husband and how she can't wait to see him, the joke is he secretly tells her he isn't ready for her yet. I love my visits with Fran and I feel as if I am back in Brooklyn with her because she can remember really good stories as she tells me in her Brooklyn accent. And as we walk and talk, she is grateful for my service but she hasn't realized how grateful I am to have her.

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