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Senior Moving and Downsizing

We assist older adults and their families develop an overall plan with all aspects of downsizing. Let us plan your move. We are professionals who understand and can help with making the process simple.


When families are faced with issues surrounding the care of an elderly loved one, they often turn to doctors, nurses, trust officers, and lawyers to assist in their area of expertise. We can help coordinate and tie the pieces together so that important information from each professional isn't missed and taken into account when making long term care decisions.


SHS can help families who are faced with difficult decisions know where to go and what to do when faced with the difficult task of planning long term care for an elderly loved one.


SHS helps older adults remain at home with as much independence as possible. There are many options for the in-home assistance that we may recommend depending on the assessed need. SHS can determine if the older adult qualifies for visiting nursing, occupational and physical therapy, hospice care or durable medical equipment.


SHS will also provide ongoing supervision and communication to relatives, including those living at a distance.

We also make daily calls to older persons to reassure, support, and provide an outside link.


Get a free phone consultation on senior care options with Sisters Helping Seniors. Contact us today for more information on senior moving and downsizing in New Jersey.



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