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Caring for Granny

In 2004 at the young age of 84, the sisters moved their maternal grandmother from Rochester, New York back to New Jersey. She was in good health for her age using a walker and experiencing terrible hearing loss from her years of working in a factory on the assembly line. They coordinated in home services for her, including assistance with activities of daily living, meal preparation and light housekeeping. They also processed the paperwork needed for Medicaid. Lisa and Tonya personally supplemented anything else Granny needed because she lived in their home. Being a personal caregiver provided another perspective on caring for seniors, up until that time they had always encouraged living in an assisted living community. In 2009, the decision to move their beloved granny to an assisted living facility was difficult but extremely necessary. Lisa enjoyed having granny live with her but socialization was a big factor in moving her because she was home all day watching tv while Lisa was working. Granny enjoyed being around other seniors and actively participated in the daily activities. However, in 2012 Granny developed a hernia and was hospitalized and eventually transferred to a local rehab for physical, occupational and speech therapy. Unfortunatetly, Granny began to take a turn for the worst due to the the recent hospitalizations, and eventually it was decided by the family it would be best if she'd be moved to a home for 24 hour nursing care.

In July 2014, their beloved grandmother passed away at 94

From these experiences Sisters Helping Seniors has come to fruition, a company committed to seniors at all stages of life.


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