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70 Year Old Robbery Victim Fights Off Attacker

“I no fight” said Manual, the 70 year old victim of a robbery that took place last Monday morning in the Bronx.

The surveillance video shows him, as he stood about five and a half feet tall standing at the counter of a Pay-O-Matic bill pay and check cashing center on Grand Concourse. Just a few minutes prior, the suspect told Manuel to go ahead. Manuel is then shown trying to pay $300 through the payment slot at the counter window but the suspect grabs it.

Manuel held onto the money and the two ensued in a struggle that involved pushing and shoving. The suspect also punched him multiple times, leaving the senior citizen with several visible scars and bruising on his upper arms.

The NYPD has released the video that shows both victim and suspect. "I have something, a little bit," said Manuel as he showed what his injuries looked like. "He punched in my face, he take my hands like that," he continued as he made a gesture of his hands behind his back, "he take my money like that," he showed a gesture of him pulling from his pocket.

Police describe the suspect as a bald male who was seen wearing a black ski cap, brown jacket with black jeans and work boots.

The woman behind the plexi-glass counter says that she couldn't activate the lock in order to stop the suspect. "We can lock it from the inside," but a customer opened it, and left it open" She said.

In the meantime, Manuel is out of the cash he was using to pay the bill. Realizing it could have been worse, both he and his wife are grateful the suspect did not have a knife.

It is fortunate in this case that this elderly victim did not fall prey to what could have been much worse. According to the details of the story, and the fact that the victim fought his attacker, it indicates that this senior appears to be healthy, mentally competent and fairly robust.

But that’s not always the case. Unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of seniors that are not able to carry out their personal business, let alone fight off an attacker. Even what may seem like the simplest functions can become quite arduous as we continue to progress in age. But no one should ever let that keep him or her from carrying out the necessities of daily life.

Everyday Sisters Helping Seniors is there to help seniors; to help families; to improve life.

Here at Sisters Helping Seniors we understand that every senior is different. Some seniors may need help with paperwork and paying bills; others may need help with running errands or grocery shopping; and yet others may simply desire the company of someone who will have tea with them, maybe play cards or chat every now and then.

Sisters Helping Seniors has been designed with you in mind. We offer three different bundles of services to help meet your needs.

Perhaps you are a senior citizen who is looking for help with everyday life; maybe you are a family member who is looking at long term care options for your loved one and have no idea where to begin –contact us here at Sisters Helping Seniors so that we can help you with questions, concerns and other matters you feel may be burdening you.

Our business was created to help seniors and the loved ones of those seniors who have been impacted by a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, dementia or senility. But our business is not restricted to only that, we at Sisters Helping Seniors have over 35 years combined experience working with older adults. We are experts when it comes to supplying referral care for a variety of senior services; we have experience in handling intricate paperwork; taking care of errands and providing companion care –thus granting peace of mind to the family and friends of those loved ones.

Why be overwhelmed with the enormous responsibilities of caregiving when it comes to your loved one? Sisters Helping Seniors is always there when you need us to take on all of your loved one’s needs. We are here to help alleviate the stress and frustration that comes from balancing work life, home life and the care of your elderly loved one.

Visit our website at for more information or Give us a call for a free consultation today at (908) 502-6165

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