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Benefits of Reiki for Seniors and Elder Care

Reiki helps loosen muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and soothes the nervous system. Seniors respond to Reiki because of the way it relieves pain from tight muscles, increases range of motion in arthritic or stiff joints, and even improves coordination to reduce the risk for falls and fall-related injuries. Reiki can speed healing from injuries and surgery, ease breathing, boost vitality, and rejuvenate energy and mental alertness.

This complementary therapy can provide benefits in ways seniors may not expect but certainly appreciate, including relief from itchy and dry skin, a more restful sleep, increased vitality, and mental alertness. Reiki can even foster a sense of contentment that can seem out of reach for seniors, especially those who struggle with serious health issues, chronic illnesses, depression, and mental health problems.

Patients with dementia can often benefit from touch when more traditional approaches cannot reach them. UCLA says there is one study that showed Reiki reduces stress, anxiety, and depression responses – three conditions that affect many seniors, especially those with dementia.

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